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Magrino 2013 Boat Cruise

Every year team Magrino celebrates the summer with a sunset boat cruise in New York harbor. The evening begins with cocktails, followed by dinner, dancing and staff recognition, but the after party is always what everyone talks about the next day.

Magrino Public Relations Agency Boat Cruise in New York City

Approaching Lady Liberty from the boat got everyone out on deck.

Magrino Public Relations Agency Boat Cruise in 2013

Human Resources Director Lauren Hamlett welcomes everyone aboard.

Group photo of Magrino Public Relations Agency Boat Cruise in NYC

The theme of this year’s voyage was #whiteout, and everyone was encouraged to wear their best nautical attire.

Magrino PR Agency Employees on Boat Cruise in NYC

Enjoying some down time.

Magrino Public Relations Agency's Susan and Allyn Magrino

The boat cruise is Allyn and Susan’s favorite annual agency event.

Magrino Public Relations Agency Employees on 2013 Boat Cruise in NYC

Kelly Galvin and Katie Fontana

Magrino Public Relations Agency 2013 Boat Cruise Roof Deck

John Rice, Baily Horn, Emily Mendez-Penate and Brent Price catch some rays on the roof deck.

Magrino Public Relations Agency Group Photo of Boat Cruise

Molly Peterson, Renata Hopkins, Leigh Ann Ambrosi, Mikki-Jean Burzon, and Danielle Pines pose indoors.

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